Author’s Publications

Goldstein, J. (March 2008).  Hope for “Community Recovery”.  Invited presentation at Forensic Mental Health Associate of California Annual Conference:  “Moving Ahead:  Building a Better Continuum of Care,” Monterey, CA.
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Goldstein, J. (September 2006).   Hope for “Community Recovery:”   Legendary and Modern Examples of Community Mental Health Care in Caring Communities. Poster presented at UPENN Collaborative on Community Integration’s National State of the Knowledge Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
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Goldstein, J. (July 2003). An international perspective: The Geel story. Invited presentation at 8th Annual Conference of National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors, Milwaukee, WI.
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Goldstein, J., Godemont, M. (2003).  The legend and lessons of Geel, Belgium:  A 1500-year-oldlegend, a 21st century model. Community Mental Health Journal, 39 (5), 441-458.

Goldstein, J.  (October 2001).  A community mental health care legend?  Whatever happened to Geel?  Roundtable Discussion presented at American Public Health Association’s 129th Annual Meeting,  Atlanta, Ga.

Goldstein, J.  (August 2000).  Community factors, violence, and the mentally ill:  A case study.  Poster presented at 108th American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Washington, DC.
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Goldstein, J. (May 2000).  Compeer:  Volunteer community support system for the mentally ill.  Paper presented at Congress “Geel 2000,”  Geel, Belgium.

Goldstein, J. (August 1998).  “The Geel Project”: Historical perspectives on community mental health care.  Paper presented at 106th American Psychological Association Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA.